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C.R.S.I. SA reality was born in Switzerland with the scope of selling to the best S.I.E. dehydrators (S.I.E. Società Italiana Essiccatoi Srl) abroad.

S.I.E., in fact, has more than 100 year-experience in the field. It has installed thousands of driers all over the world, the majority of which are still working.

CRSI was born in a second time in order to reply to the clients and to the market needs, providing not only the drier’s supply, but also the engineering of the complete plant. Focusing on this aspect, CRSI made available the acquired S.I.E. "know how" to give the best technical and constructive solution.

The will to give the client quality and reliability, made CRSI promote and guarantee a working team of companies specialized and professional in their field.

A full technical-commercial proposal of engineering was realized for each application required by the client.

Among its partners S.I.E. was the first company to be represented by CRSI, who inherited and is still drawing from the same the dehydrators’ "know how" in all application fields.

DrM Dr. Müller AG has been working for ages in the pharmaceutical field.

One of its patents is a special filter which, added to SIE dehydrator, permits to solve filtration plus drying problem.

Officine Cadamuro, works in the fields of suction hose filtration groups and silos, even of huge storage.

Vibroprocess, provides continuous vibrating systems for large productions.

Vibroscreen, provides small circular screens for all sectors and also sells important European brands.

The formation of this dynamic team has allowed us to offer high technology dehydrators, guaranteeing to the client high professional technicians specialized each in his own sector.

The birth of CRSI with its equipped Laboratory and the presence of scale-pilot plants - used to test the proposed drying processes - permit to test on the field the elaborated theory.

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